Due to the effects of the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) on the movement of Greek citizens abroad, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs states the following:

– Avoid travel to countries where there are large numbers of Coronavirus cases, as new measures that include bans on entry and exit of foreign nationals are constantly being implemented.

– If you are already abroad:

Stay informed via the relevant postings on the websites of Greek Missions abroad, regarding the measures being implemented in third countries to limit the spread of the Coronavirus. In case of emergency, call the emergency contact numbers of the Greek Missions and the Foreign Ministry’s Crisis Management Unit.

We also recommend that you stay in contact with the local Diplomatic and Consular Authorities, so as to facilitate all possible assistance with any issues you may face.

Upon decision of the Greek Government, restrictions to travel to and from: Albania, Italy, North Macedonia, Spain, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany (apart from flights from Germany to Athens “Eleftherios Venizelos” International Airport), are in effect.

You may also contact the Cryptographic Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Call Centre / Cryptographic Service: +302103681000 / 1259 / 1730

Crisis Management Unit: mdk@mfa.gr

More information on the new Coronavirus (Covid-19):



We would like to inform you that the Greek Government has announced that, for compelling public health reasons related to the need to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, a precautionary measure is in effect, strictly for the necessary period, restricting movement of people in the country. The restriction applies for the period from 23.03.2020 06:00 to 06.04.2020 at 06:00.

In addition, from 18.3.2020 and up to 06.00 am 18.4.2020, citizens of non-EU countries may not enter Greece (non EU/EEA nationals subject to the general restriction of entrance have the right to enter for exceptional professional or personal reasons under specific conditions). Those already in Greece who have placed themselves under self-containement may leave the country before expiry of the 14-day period.

Upon instructions of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, Greek and EU citizens may enter the country but a 14-day quarantine starting from the moment of entry to the country applies. Persons who violate this obligation will face administrative fines.