As of 1 January 2006, Greek passports are exclusively issued by the Hellenic Police (Passport Division) using state-of-the-art technology that meets the highest possible security standards and specifications.

As of 1 September 2022 all Greek passports are issued for ten (10) years.

The Greek Consular Authorities in Australia (excluding Honorary Consulates) are responsible for:

  • Collecting applications, supporting documents and fingerprints
  • Safely forwarding such documents to the Hellenic Police in Greece
  • Receiving passports from the Hellenic Police and
  • Handing them over to their rightful owners

As Brisbane is an Honorary Consulate, we are unable to collect passport applications.

All passport applications for Queensland are collected at the Embassy of Greece in Canberra or at the Consulate-General of Greece in Sydney.

The Embassy of Greece is located at 9 Turrana Street, Yarralumla, ACT 2600 and the Consulate-General of Greece in Sydney is located at Level 2, 219-223 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, NSW 2000.

To request an appointment, you will need to contact the Consular Section of the Embassy of Greece in Canberra by email at or the passport section of the Consulate-General of Greece in Sydney at or If there is a certain date that suits you, advise them of this date in your initial email to them and most of the time they are very accommodating.

Please note that the required time for the completion of this process (from collection of application to delivery of passport) is approximately 6-8 weeks. You should also take into consideration that appointments are given on a priority basis (applicants in possession of a Greek passport only and in need of urgent travel, are given priority). Based on the above, you should contact the Consular Authority well in advance of your planned trip.

Only Greek Citizens are entitled to apply for a Greek passport. Australian citizens of Greek background who do not hold Greek citizenship as well (Greek citizenship is proven through the registration of a person in a Municipality in Greece) are not entitled to a Greek passport.

1. Applications

Applications for new passports or renewal of existing passports must be made in person. All required supporting documents, without exception, must accompany the applicant. Supporting documents must be recent, issued within the last six (6) months.

In the case of minors, supporting documents are submitted by the parents or legal guardians of the said minor.

In the case where only one parent is present, the written consent of the other parent is required, with the latter’s signature certified by a Greek Consular Authority abroad, a competent Authority in Greece or an Australian public Authority.

2. List of Supporting Documents

a. An Electronic Application Form, which also acts as a Statutory Declaration, is provided and prepared by the Consular Authority, in which the applicant states whether he/she:

  • Has been convicted of forgery, counterfeiting of certificates, embezzlement of documents, false testification or false declaration, given that these offences are in respect to the issuance, use, loss or theft of a passport.
  • Has been prosecuted for abduction, human trade, trafficking, kidnapping, child abduction, slave trading or smuggling of illegal immigrants.
  • Has been prosecuted or set to go to trial for the aforementioned offences.
  • Has been declared a military evader, deserter or overseas deserter.
  • Has a pending prohibition to exit the country.
  • Resides permanently at the stated address and if he/she has been issued a passport, in accordance with the provisions of the Law 3103/2003, which may have been lost, stolen or if a renewal or replacement passport is being requested.

b. Australian passport (if you are also an Australian citizen)
c. Expired or expiring Greek passport (if applicable)
d. Police issued Greek I.D. Card (if applicable)
e. Three (3) recent colour digital photographs. Please note that the photos for the Greek passport are a specific size (4cm x 6cm) and of particular technical specifications, for this reason the preferred photo studio of the Embassy is Ted’s Cameras , Canberra Centre, 125 Bunda Street, Canberra City, ACT 2601 (Tel: 02-6249 7364) and of the Consulate General of Greece in Sydney is Digital & Fotos World, Shop R12, 233 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 (Tel: 02-9261 1987), the studio is located next to the building where the Consulate is situated. We strongly suggest that you contact the photographer with regards to the requirements for the photos (i.e. clothing, position of hair etc.).
f. For Males 19-45 years of age, who have military deferment/exemption, must provide an Army Certificate Type B (Army Exemption Certificate) from the competent Military Office in Greece.
g. Certificate of Birth (Registration) from the Municipality in Greece where he or she is registered.
h. For adult person under guardianship or judicial assistance, the presence of the said guardian and/or judicial assistant is required at the time of the application and a certified copy of the relevant decision on guardianship/judicial assistance must be presented.

3. Passport Collection

Passports must be collected in person or by a legal guardian or person legally authorised and proper identification must be provided. Legal guardians and legally authorised persons must also provide a power of attorney or authorisation document with their signature certified by a Greek Consular Authority or any other Greek or Australian Public Authority.

Queensland residents can request that their passport be forwarded to the Honorary Consulate-General of Greece in Brisbane for collection.

In all cases, the applicant needs to produce all relevant receipts. When new passports are collected, applicants are required to produce their old passport for cancellation.

According to the regulations of the Hellenic Police, the passport remaining with the Consular Authority for six (6) months without being collected will be returned to the Hellenic Police in Greece.

4. Passport Fees

The fees for the issuance of Greek passports are as follows: –

  • Passports for applicants over 14 years of age: €84,40*
  • Passports for applicants up to 14 years of age: €73,60*

*Passport fees are paid in Australian dollars according to the exchange rate of the current month. Please note that Greek Consular Authorities in Australia only accept Cash. They do not accept credit cards, debit cards or personal cheques.

5. Rejection of the Passport Application

In the case where the passport application is rejected, the fee paid is refundable, minus the equivalent of €5,00 in AUD, which accounts for postage and handling.

6. Passport Renewals

Applications for passport renewals can only be accepted maximum 10 months prior to the expiration date.

7. Loss or Theft of Passport

In the case of a lost or stolen passport in Australia, the holder must report the incident, as soon as possible, to the local Australian Police Authority, obtaining from them confirmation of his/her report (e.g. crime reference number). Furthermore, the holder must also proceed and report the loss/theft to the Greek Consular Authority who will immediately notify the relevant Greek Authorities.

The Greek Authority proceeds with an investigation concerning the circumstances of the loss or theft of the passport, which can take up to 3 months from the date of the report to the Consular Authority. While the investigation is in progress, a new passport cannot be issued.

In the case of a loss or stolen passport, the submission of a new application is only possible after 90 days from the day of the declaration of loss or theft at the Consular Authority.

For further information or any clarification, please contact either the Embassy of Greece in Canberra or the Consulate-General of Greece in Sydney. You can also check the National Hellenic Passport Centre’s website: