The Certificate of Repatriation is issued to persons (citizens of any European Union member State, Greek citizens or persons married to a Greek citizen) that are residents abroad and intend to reside permanently in Greece, so that they are exempt from import tax on their personal belongings (i.e. household effects, car etc.).

Permanent residence is the place where an individual is residing for at least 185 days in a twelve-month period and where he/she holds personal and professional bonds.

To apply for the Certificate of Repatriation, the applicant must present to the Consulate proof that he/she has been residing in Queensland for at least 185 days in a twelve-month period for the previous two years before the date of application for the issue of the certificate.

In general, the necessary prerequisites for the issuance of the Certificate of Repatriation are:

  1. No other similar Certificate has been issued in the past by any other Consular Authority in the name of the person applying or in the name of any member of that person’s family.
  2. The person in whose name the Certificate is going to be issued, has been residing mainly abroad (185 days out of any 12-month period abroad, where he/she has strong personal and professional bonds for at least two consecutive twelve-month periods before the issue of the Certificate).

Please Note: Studying at a University or other school abroad does not make the country where one is studying one’s country of main residency.

The following original documents need to be presented to the Consulate when requesting the issue of the Certificate of Repatriation:

  1. Statutory Declaration (completed at the Consulate).
  2. Documents that include the name and residential address of the applicant which were issued up to two (2) consecutive years before the date you are making application for the issue of the Certificate (e.g. Rates Notices, Tax returns, Phone/Electricity Bills, etc)
  3. Birth Certificates of the applicant and family members living with them.
  4. Marriage Certificate
  5. All current and expired Greek and Australian passports of applicant and accompanying spouse & children
  6. Army Discharge Certificate for all males under 45 years of age.
  7. Current Driver’s licence issued at least two (2) years before the date of application for the issue of the Certificate.
  8. One-way tickets of the applicant and the accompanying family members
  9. A general list of all household goods to be taken to Greece
  10. Α detailed list of all electrical goods to be taken to Greece (including the model or serial number). Only one (1) item of each type of electrical appliance is allowed.

Note that the competent authority in Greece for the Certificate of Repatriation is the 18th Directorate of the Ministry of Finance. Useful information can be obtained from their website

The Certificate of Repatriation can be requested within a year of arriving into Greece at the E3 Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Athens.

For more information if required, please contact the Consulate by email.